Thank you for playing Travel Merge Family!

If you have any questions concerning the game, there are some hints to help you:

What is merge?

Travel Merge Family is a merge based game, which means that you need to combine 3,5 or more objects by dragging one object and dropping it over the group of others.

NB: You can’t merge objects if they are diagonally placed.

Unpacking boxes

You need to unpack boxes while playing. Every box has a bar, denoting the number of possible interactions. When the bar is empty, the box is fully unpacked and a chest is dropped out.

Each unpacking demands energy.

Dismantling furniture items

You need to dismantle furniture items while playing. Dismantling is needed to gain new furniture items, which means that you need to disassemble the furniture items of the same branch of the previous level, then you need to merge disassembled items to gain the furniture of the next level.

Decorating and placing

Every room has its own furniture to be decorated with. To decorate rooms you need to place furniture items on their pedestals.

Pedestals are special platforms, which denote where and what furniture is to be placed.

To see what furniture can be placed on a pedestal you need to tap on the pedestal you want to know about.

To place furniture on its pedestal you need either to drag it and drop over one of the accessible pedestals or to tap on your furniture item, tap on the button “place” and then tap on one of the accessible pedestals.

Rooms opening

To open new rooms you need to fully decorate the previous ones which means that you need to fill all the necessary pedestals with the relevant furniture.

Sometimes you also need to create and collect some number of golden keys or remove obstacles to open new rooms.


You unlock characters while playing. Characters are needed to make two types of interactions with objects: unpacking or dismantling.

Each character has its own number of possible interactions. It has no connection to the global “energy”. If all the possible interactions are made, a character goes to sleep to restore their number.

To accelerate characters’ sleeping time you need to create a bed. When improved, the bed makes characters’ sleeping time even shorter.

Parents and kids sleep in different beds.


Energy is on of the main resources to progress in the game. Unpacking, disassembling and some other actions demand some energy.  

There are several sources of restoring energy:


You need to merge special costumes while playing. On the mannequin you can merge objects of different branches of the same level: hats + dresses + accessories to gain one costume piece of your choice of the next level.

To merge on the mannequin you need to drag pieces of costumes and drop over the mannequin. Then, tap on the mannequin to open its pop up and tap on the button “merge’.

Furniture islands

Furniture islands are massive figures which provide you with travelling items and other figures once in X hours.

To create a furniture island you need to create max level figures of its branch and fill its pedestals with them. Then you need to “transform” these furniture figures into a furniture island by taping on the button “disassemble”. This action usually demands energy and time to be fulfilled.

When a furniture island is created, it can be further improved by filling it which means that you drag objects of its branch and drop them over the furniture island. Each furniture island has 5 stars over it which denote the stage of its improvement.


When you collect all the required clothes and travelling items, you are able to go on a trip to one of the countries. Egypt, Hawaii, Japan and other countries and places are waiting for you.


From time to time you face different events while playing. Some of them bring you to different locations, some ask you to make particular actions in your house (home field).

Each event has its own reward track which is filled when you conduct needed actions. Therefore, if you actively participate in the event you gain valuable rewards.

Game advice


You can receive game news and communicate with your friends via the in-game mail. To check your mail, tap on the “message ” sign in the top right corner.


You can visit your friends’ houses. In the future you will be able to feed their pets and water their plants. To visit your friend tap on the icon “Friends” in the bottom right corner, open the tab “Friends” and choose the friend to visit.

Thank you for playing Travel Merge Family Beta. We’re constantly improving the game to сreate enjoyable experience for our beloved audience. If you encounter any bugs, glitches or other inconveniences, please let us know via

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