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ARRU Games is professional and experienced game developer located in Ternopil, Ukraine. Focused on mobile casual games for iOS and Android. We founded the company and started developing games before the war in Ukraine started and even after the military invasion of russia, we continue to do our job here. However, we really need support and partners.
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ARRU Games welcome all game development specialists passionate to create mobile and computer games. Even in such hard times we continue to hire Ukrainian developers and support Ukrainian game development. We still need 2D artists, Unity developers, PM and testers. Contact us for more info

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ARRU Games is based in Ukraine! We are against war and violence! Support Ukraine, stop the war!
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Travel Merge Family Game

Casual game for iOS and Android in popular Merge 3 Puzzle genre with travel elements - for wide audience

Our game is an absolutely peaceful game. A game where there is no violence, no desire to crush a competitor, no destruction. Only creation, improvement, discovery, security, comfort and family time.

Description: Young couple moved into a luxury house, but there is nothing there. Playing a game you will transform the space into a family home of your dreams. Unlock new rooms, add gym and home theater, equip the backyard with the BBQ zone and yacht berth etc. Live an interesting life: meet up the friends, take care of plants and animals, get children, travel bringing the exotic animals and seeds that you can keep or sell.

We are looking for investor and publisher for this game!

Due to the war in Ukraine, we are in a difficult position and need a partner to complete the development and release of the game.

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Key features

  • House with many rooms
  • Travels each with unique content
  • Doll dressing system (travel suits)
  • Socialization - visiting friends with taking care of their homes and pets, competitions with friends
  • The game will be constantly filled with new content - new travels (to the most incredible places), new locations, new events, new costumes will extend the players' lifetime

Legal address: 46002, Ternopil' reg., city Ternopil, str.Brodivska, building 5, state b, Office 201